Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christmas In July

White Ind. Freewheel, Ready to Roll
Yesterday was like Christmas in July for me.  My much anticipated White Industries freewheel arrived at Absolute Bikes on Friday, so I dropped in and picked it up yesterday after my ride.  With an ailing ACS freewheel that makes more noise than I care to deal with, I decided on Tuesday that it was time to get the real deal and order up a higher-end freewheel.  The initial appearance was enough to tell me that I'm getting into something pretty sweet.  The machining is sleek and smooth without a single flaw.  After installation this morning, I could tell that there will be a world of difference between this one and the previous...  even by just spinning it with my fingers, I could tell this will be a pleasure to use.  I'll give a full review after a few rides, but I think it will likely get five stars from this guy.

Since we're talking about Christmas, I thought this might be a prime opportunity to pitch a local frame builder here in Flagstaff.  If a custom mountain bike frame is on your wish list this year, I urge you to check out Steve Garro at Coconino Cycles.  Steve builds some of the sexiest frames I've ever seen that stand the test of time as far as durability and dependability is concerned.  Please check out this link to the Flag Live article on Steve.  It's definitely a good read.  Beyond building some of the world's finest mountain bike frames, his life story as a pioneer in mountain biking in Flagstaff and what he has overcome to get to where he's at today is truly amazing and inspiring.  I often see posts from Garro on the Arizona forum at, and he truly is a wise man in the sport, the environment, and life in general.  If you want one for Christmas, you should call him up right now.  This one-man show has a waiting list at least three or four months deep.  If you do order one, I'm sure that he'll even let you come observe him in action as he welds your frame in his shop in Flag; but, if that's not an option, you can always watch the progress on Steve's blog.

Well, like any kid at Christmas, I'm eager to hit the singletrack and try out my new toy.  Happy trails.

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