Sunday, November 12, 2006

Run for the border

After leaving Tucson I made a run for the border, but I stopped about seven miles shy at the Patagonia Lake State Park. There was an IMBA epic ride at Kentucky Camp nearby, and I just couldn't resist a town and a state park by the name of Patagonia. It was actually quite nice, and I decided to spend two nights there hanging out and riding. The trails at Kentucky Camp appear to be quite exstensive. I had a nice map which made me much more comfortable exploring so close to the border. I saw that sign on a dirt road on the way to the trailhead parking, but I saw quite a bit of traffic (trucks, horses, and hikers). Incidentally, this was my first ride on the whole trip that I didn't see another biker. All told, the area was a breath of fresh air compared to the oppressive heat and pavement that is Tucson. I'm now on North Padre Island with Madge and John for a couple of days of windsurfing and hanging out on the beach. I should begin the trek north on Monday or Tuesday, so I'll report back from the road. Thanks for reading.

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