Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sarah's Out West Thoughts

For someone who is into mt biking, but loves the easier route, loved Moab. I was breathless, cold, mesmorized, beautified, pissed off, challenged and most of all, I have never been anywhere where I was so happy going downhill.

The first challenge was Slickrock. Ginni Biggs was there for me all the way. The first uphill challenge, I jumped off my bike so I wouldn't fall. Ginni changed that. She told me, "my tires would stick". And they did the rest of the trail. When you first bike Moab slickrock, you have no idea what to expect. Then you have friends to guide you. You bump, you glide, you freak out at the next turn and then you see the view. Nothing like it.

So, to Porqupine Rim. i hated the uphill-literally 3.1 miles of straight uphill, so you may say 3.1, that is nothing, well 3.1 with 1,000 feet to climb, it is not Kipp Rd....

We, I, made it. Then the views happened. We stopped to eat and drink in the views. Can't describe it. So, now the downhill....
Wow. It made me feel like the biggest bad ass biker ever. I was going over rocks the size of Bodhi, that is my big fat lab, and laughing about it after. I loved it, I was free! And I didn't fall-no one did.

So, that is the biking section of our trip. i guess that is all you bloggers are interested in. I will now try and attach a picture.

I will send more from Flag.

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