Monday, January 29, 2007

M.V.S.C (Middle Village Ski Club)

Got out to the club on Sunday morning for an 11:00 tour with club founder JT, Sarah, and Benson. It was a balmy 7 degrees when we set out, and I'm pretty sure it had warmed up to 11or12 by the time we finished up a couple of hours later. John, and I believe Ed and TIm had been out Saturday, so there was a pretty good track set with 3or4 inches of light fresh snow on top. The downhill conditions were marginal at best. Actually they were probably a little bit dangerous, but we were pretty careful for the most part. Still, I probably got in a dozen turns or so on shorter steeper shots (that didn't appear to have any logs, stumps, etc. lurking under the crusty sparse snow cover). They're calling for a little bit of snow each day all week, so we're going to remain optimistic for next Sunday. There is enough snow now that most of the classic trails in the area have been set, so at least we have that option as well. Classic skiing sure beats sitting on the trainer. Don't forget to come out to ski on Tuesday nights at 6:30. Cheesy Inspirational thought for the day courtesy of Tao of Skiing CD-ROM:
Push your limits. It is the only way you will move them.

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