Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tuesday night group ski

Greetings to all. Benson and I met up for a little night skiing on the loop last night, and the conditions were actually quite good. I'm interested in making that a weekly event in terms of my off-season training, so come on out with some skis and a headlamp and we'll have a good old time. I'd even be willing to fire up the sauna if anyone was interested. We can plan on dinner after too, just like the old wednesday night ride. Remember, just because it's dark and cold out doesn't mean you can't have fun cruising around in the woods. Some other people seem to be using the trail too so there's a pretty nice track to follow already in place. Take care and ski well.


Lianna said...

Sauna...I'm so jealous. Half the people in Colorado don't even know what a sauna is, let alone how awesome it is after a long day of biking or skiing. Say goodbye to sore muscles!

Sarah said...

Yeah, Lianna, it is pretty nice, especially now that we snow!
Ski fast,