Friday, April 13, 2007

Still with the snow.....

I have not been able to ride outside for almost two weeks now due to unseasonably heavy snowfalls. At first, I became quite despondant and sullen. But then I remembered, when life hands you lemons you've just gotta make some lemonade. One nice thing about the snow is that it makes using the sauna much more enjoyable. I fired her up after some quality time on the trainer the other night, and it was wonderful. When you're sweating your ass off @ 160 degrees, it's hard to get too upset about anything. Another positive thing about being forced back inside is that I am becoming much smoother on the rollers. I've been using them for my thirty minute warmup before getting on the trainer, and I can ride almost the whole time without touching the wall. We'll see if this translates into better balance once we get out on the trail. I'm heading downstate tomorrow for my grandma's 90th birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I'm taking the singlespeed, and I am determined to ride both tomorrow evening (Pontiac Lake Trail) and Sunday morning (Poto. Trail). I'll report back with trail conditions from below the 45th.

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