Monday, April 02, 2007

Karma Turnaround

Well, my bad luck on Friday paid off huge on Sunday. The sun was out, and it was almost 55 degrees. I Took advantage of it and had my longest road ride of the season. 43 miles, up to Sturgeon Bay and back on some country roads. Felt great even though my legs and hands were still sore from ripping up old tiles at the store for two days in a row. But the new floor is going down now, so the ball is officially not in my court any longer. That is until they finish up later in the week when Kate and I have to move everything back. The weather is supposed to crappy all week, but what are you going to do. We're still planning on riding @ boyne for the first WNR, but it's supposed to be 32 and snowy so bundle up. In other bike related news, I have a meeting with Scott Q. tomorrow morning in Charlotte. Scott (who also builds the frames for the Bell's MTB team) will be building the frame for my new road bike, and I am utterly thrilled to say the least. Until Wednesday then. Take care.

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