Friday, April 27, 2007

WNR report

Well, the first official WNR went off without a hitch. There were even a couple of surprises to boot. One, I rolled into the parking lot just after five for a little spin before everyone showed up, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Our old friend and riding buddy Secret Steve. So at any rate, we got in just shy of an hour and a half before the rest of the crew showed up. The second surprise of the night was the appearance of Damon (Doug's little brother). He rode with us on Sunday as well, but before that we hadn't seen him on a ride in years. I get the feeling he may be planning on making a comeback this season. If so, we'll all have to chip in and buy him a helmet. Riding without one is simply not safe Damon. Benson and Scott rounded out our group of five. All told, we had a great ride. This picture is taken at the bottom of Sarge's Trail right before you empty out into the parking area. Anyone who's ridden this section of trail knows that it's a damn hoot (after you get to the top of the last lungbusting climb). The weather is supposed to improve quite a bit this weekend, and I have every intention of putting in some serious hours on the saddle. Unfortunately, today the weather is quite crappy, and I see an indoor ride in my future this evening. Take care, and thanks for reading.

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