Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stormy Tuesday

Boy was it windy yesterday. I Had to go to Petoskey in the morning for yoga and to run a few errands, and the wind was actually strong enough to move the Passatt around in some places. We lost power out at the house in the afternoon for a few hours so I decided to hike down to the beach for my afternoon workout and check out the waves. It was absolutely wicked down there. I took my mittens off; and in less than a minute, they were numb. I've gotta try and find out where those crazy dudes go to surf around here. I'd really like to get some shots of that. Anyway, I just took this clip to try and do a little practicing with iMovie on the new computer. Check it out, and I'll check you later.


Anonymous said...

Well, First I resent the "crazy" comment. My hands stayed warm because I didn't take my gloves off! Why would you take your mittens off on a day like that?

Steve, Jamie and I were at Hamburger beach (Petoskey waterfront)yesterday and got some wonderful rides. The waves were big and they cleaned up a bit by toward the end of the day. As far as where we would be depends on the wind direction. I usually will travel between Sturgeon and Charlevoix, but some people will travel into the UP as well.

If anyone is interested, I have some extra gear you can use. Just let me know and I try to call when I'm going again.


WPG said...

I might be interested in getting in the water with the right gear this time of year, but I don't believe I have the balance required to actually surf. Seriously though, let me know next time you're going out. I'd love to get some footage.

Anonymous said...

the more the merrier! Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have someone on the shore to point to where you last saw the idiot in the water...