Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It was -2 degrees out this morning on the commute in. The cold hasn't really been bothering me too much this winter, but I'll admit I was a little chilly this morning. It's supposed to warm up to 12 by this afternoon, and that sounds just perfect to me. I'm meeting Hugh over at Chestnut for a skate ski workout. I'm shooting for an hour and forty-five minutes with 4 5 minute race pace intervals thrown in for good measure. I anticipate being quite tired by the time it's all said and done, but then again that's kind of the point. Sarah and I are getting off the grid this weekend. We've rented the Sturgeon Bay Cabin up at Wilderness State Park for both nights. Our only source of heat will be the wood stove in the cabin, and our only source of light will be headlamps and candles. We'll ski in friday afternoon and get a fire going. If it's as cool as I hope it's going to be, we'll have to see about inviting a full entourage next time. Have a good one.

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Zach Rodgers said...

Look forward to photos and description of the cabin. Jean and I hiked around waugoshance in October and it was my first time exploring it from above believe it or not. Definitely eager to do more when we're up in July & August.