Thursday, April 24, 2008

WNR Report

Benson got out for his first ride since that stupid fu**ing chick ran him over with her car last summer, and that alone made for one of the best rides I've had in recent memory. I got out by myself for an hour before the group showed up because I kind of thought we'd be taking it easy. I was wrong. Benson, Sarah, Matt, Seth, Secret Steve and I did a fast paced ride of just over an hour on the great singletrack out at Boyne. Benson rode like a champ, and it was great to see everybody else back out on the bikes. Next weeks ride @ Larks Lk. trailhead of the North Country. Over and out.


Sarge said...

I sure do miss riding at Boyne with you guys. Looks like fun!!!

Sarah said...

Way to go Chris! I am kind of pissed that I couldn't even keep up with you, but I am very proud of you and what you did to bring yourself back. Thank you to all your doctor's, physical therapists and your amazing wife.
See you on the trails,