Thursday, May 01, 2008

WNR Report

Had another good group last night for the ride. I was joined by Benson, Secret Steve, Matt, Seth, Scott, and Jess for a good spin on the North Country Trail between Larks Lake Rd. and Robinson Rd. The trail is in pretty good shape, and last night was the first ride I've had since the Cohutta where I actually felt half-way decent. The legs felt really good, and my nagging right shoulder is probably back to around 70% or so. Said shoulder is also keeping me out of the Fort Custer race this weekend as well. I've got a big month of training laid out in front of me, and I'm hoping with a couple more easier rides this weekend I'll be ready to start back up with intervals and such next week. I got an email from Doug this morning, and he and Kurt are planning on riding @ Boyne this sunday at 1:30. I'm thinking that's probably going to fit into my schedule so come on out if you're free. The more the merrier. WNR next week at Headquarters. Over and out.

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