Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The First Snowfall

We finally had our first glimpse of the white stuff on monday, and it definitely got me excited for the upcoming ski season. I'm so glad that I have something to do outside when winter rolls around. As much as I love riding bikes, I can't imagine spending the whole winter inside on one spinning away to nowhere in front of the television. I know a couple of guys around here that literally spend the whole winter on the trainer, and I don't know how they do it. I'll do one or two days a week on the rollers/trainer after the first of the year just to keep the legs used to it, but other than that I'll be outside enjoying the white stuff. My ski racing plans are in limbo due to the addition of another family member on Dec. 5th (Kate's having another kid so my work schedule will be up in the air for December and January). Fortunately, there are a quite a few local races on sunday's, so at least those won't be a problem. I'd also like to do the VASA again (in better weather please). Depending on how the weather holds up and how work is going, I also may make a return trip up to the Great Bear Chase in Swedetown (about an hour north of Houghton in the U.P.). I didn't go to up last year, but I do recall having a good time two years ago. Anyway, I don't know if anyone is going to show for the ride tonight. I've got my lights charged and my clothes and bike are ready to go here at work. I'm planning on hosting a ride next wednesday at HQ. Feel free to come out and celebrate the end of the season (for most) and have a beer even if you don't feel like riding. I got a quick video of Matt riding in the snow when we were out at Boyne on monday, and I planned on sharing with the class this morning. Instead, I found this funny YouTube clip on The Drunk Cyclist Blog this morning. I can't wait for this fu**ing election bull**it to be over. Have a nice day.

Late Edit: Since the weather forecast for tomorrow is considerably warmer (I think we're looking at 36 right now), the rest of the team decided to postpone the WNR until tomorrow night (TNR). Fine by me, I can go home and clean out the wood stove.

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