Thursday, October 16, 2008

WNR Report

Just Benson and Rob were able to muster the strength for riding last night, and boy did we have ourselves a trail ride. As you can imagine, riding at night in the woods with one bright headlight to guide your way presents a host of new challenges. Last night there were a few more thrown into the mix. For starters, a steady rain for most of the day left all the leaves on the ground the same bright shiny colors. Normally, you can see the trail at night with leaves on the ground because they're more packed down on the trail and less so off the trail. When they're all wet and shiny, they all look the same. Thus, the trail is much harder to follow; and so we had more than a few off trail excursions. The rain also makes all the sticks and roots on the ground that are buried under the leaves really slippery. Since you can't see them, you never know when one of your tires is going to do a little slip and slide. It keeps you on your toes. Benson was leading the ride last night, and I guess he didn't feel like those challenges alone were going to be enough for us so he added one more. We rode two different sections of trail that are fairly new (a few months old at most). Since the trails are new, they're not really packed down that well or that easy to follow.....when it's light out. Still, we had a good ride, and it was warm enough out afterward for a beer and some pretzels. I should have an additional light available by next weeks ride if anyone out there should be brave enough to try something new (give me a call so I remember to bring it if you're interested). Sunday's ride is TBD. Call or email me Friday and I'll know what's going down.

Breaking news: I can see from my new fancy world tracker thingy that apparently there are at least a few people out there interested in what I have to say on the old blog here. They can't all just be random people doing random searches can they? Anyway, since I don't correspond with anyone on a regular basis; feel free to leave a comment here, and perhaps we can correspond in that way. Also, if you have any questions or ideas for me to ramble on about pass them along as well. I'm getting to that time of year where I don't have much going on outside since the daylight hours are limited, and yet I have more time than I need to fiddle around on the interweb. Take care and ride well.

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