Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Riding

Sarah and I did a quick 1.5 hour ride at Boyne on Saturday afternoon, and I headed out again on the same trails Sunday morning with Tim and Benson. Sunday, we rode just about every trail at Boyne and then headed over to the NCT and rode up to the top of Nub's Nob. We rode down the front side of the ski hill there and headed back over to Boyne and the cars. Good long ride on the singlespeed, and the legs are starting to feel good again. Check out the data below and have a nice day.


Sarge said...

Nice video dude. Is that from a helmet or bike mounted camera? Just a little reminder, I'm still trying to sell my headlamps if you know anyone that might be interested, have them email me for a good deal.

WPG said...

Most of it is handheld. Matt's got a helmet cam that I need to borrow to get some more footage. How much do you want for the lights? If the price is right, I could probably find you a buyer. I assumed you'd put them on ebay, or I would have asked earlier in the season. The three of us that have lights have had to spread them around a bit so that Matt and Rob could ride with us. One of them might want yours. Let me know.