Friday, October 31, 2008

TNR Report

Benson, Matt, Chad (new guy we've ridden with on a couple of other occasions), and I headed out around 6:30; and the sun was just dropping below the horizon. We were able to ride straight back to the great new downhill trail and ride that before the lights became necessary. After that it was just a nice ride on some great singletrack in the dark. Matt commented that he felt a little short of breath, and I'll admit my legs were feeling the lack of gears. When I got home and downloaded the data, I was able to figure out why we were both feeling a little pain. We rode 10.6 miles in 1.25 hours. That doesn't sound too bad, until you factor in the 1,987 ft. of climbing. For those not in the know, that's a hell of a lot of elevation packed into a relatively short distance. Still, it was a great night and a great ride. The weather was so warm that when we finished up just before eight, we were able to have not just one, but two beers while we hung out and shot the breeze with a couple of other riders that had finished before us. Speaking of which, the parking area was more crowded than any of us have ever seen when we headed out. Benson and Chad had to park up in the weeds. I'm sure everybody had the same idea we did: to enjoy what may have been one of our last good days of riding. But who knows? Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be sunny and 60. Next weeks WNR will be out at HQ. We'll ride at 6:30 rain or shine; but as I said before, everyone's welcome to stop out for a beer and a bite to eat even if you don't feel like riding.

I came across a really good article on the VeloNews website yesterday in the Legally Speaking column. It's part of an ongoing series about two pro roadies that were hit by a truck while out training in the summer of 07. It's kind of long, but I encourage anyone who spends any amount of time riding a bike on the public roadways to check it out. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


Kristina said...

So far we have no plans. Prob go grab a beer after work but, not stay out to late. This being a college town it gets a little crazy out there and Tim has been working his butt off this week so he has been tired. What are you guys doing?

WPG said...

Nothing special. I don't like Halloween.