Friday, October 24, 2008

WNR and TDR Reports

New record for the Wednesday night night ride. Five riders (Benson, Matt, Rob, Bruce, and I) took to the trails of Boyne armed with illuminating devices attached to our helmets and handlebars. We got in about 9 miles in just over an hour. We're planning on closing out the month there next week. Who knows, maybe we'll up the ante to six riders if Scott is able to join us. Yesterday was a great day for the end of October with sunny skies and temps. in the high 50's. After wrapping the cedar hedge for the winter and rearranging the garage to allow room for car parking, I headed out on the Loop for the first time in a while. The trail is still in good shape with only a few trees down here and there. I'm thinking the first wednesday of next month we'll have to hit it up for the last time before the snow buries it for the winter. Have a good day and a fun weekend.

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Sarah said...

Actually there were 7 riders, myself and Secret Steve (his second ride of the day) headed out while it was still light and had a fabulous fall ride!