Friday, January 30, 2009

Recovery Week

Started off the recovery week with a bang tuesday night. Bob the builder turned sixty, and he and Biz had an SBYC birthday party at the town house. Attendance was good, and we left early since it was a week night. Happy birthday Bob.

Other than that I've just been trying to take it easy, and that has been a real chore. Even though I have this whole week scheduled for recovery, I still feel like I should be out there skiing a ton. Case in point: I did an easy classic ski wednesday afternoon, and I felt okay. My arms were a little sore, but I kept the heart rate down and had a good ski. Yesterday, I woke up early and came to work with all the stuff necessary for a quick skate session on my way home in the afternoon. All day my legs felt like crap, and I just didn't feel like skiing. So what do I do? Like a complete dumba**, I drove out to the resort and attempted to ski. I struggled through kitting up in the front seat of the Passat and set off for a few easy loops. My arms and legs felt like hammered s**t. I skied for five minutes before I realized how absolutely stupid I was being. I skied back to the car I had just exited (at least it was still warm), and headed for home. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that doing nothing somehow helps me get faster. Anyway, have a good weekend everybody.

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