Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Situation Report: Saturday I skated for an hour at Chestnut, and it was really hard. I still haven't gotten to the point where I can go out for an easy/recovery skate. However, I'm told this will happen before too long. Sunday, Sarah and I met up with the gang (JT, Tim, Matt, and James) for a good session of backcountry skiing at the MVSC. It was bitter cold out; but once you got moving around, it wasn't too bad. Sure beats sitting on the couch watching NASCAR all afternoon. Go fast turn left. Or is it turn right? (Just kidding Kevin, I'm sure I'd love it if I just gave it a chance). Monday I met up with Nick and his son Brendan for a skate lesson at Nub's. Brendan skied with us while we were warming up, and I got a first hand look at what happens when you train in one specific sport from birth. The kid's a senior in high school, and let's just say that I don't think Nick will have to worry about picking up the tab for college. Of course Nick picked the hilly loop so we could practice going downhill without snowplowing. I cheated a little on the first couple of hills. Then I had a good crash on a tight left turn. But by the end of the ski, I started to get a feel for it. The three of us were skating back towards the cars, and Nick gets up behind me and says no wedges between here and the cars. I nailed the first couple of downhill turns with he and Brendan right behind me (I'm sure I wouldn't have gone nearly as fast if they hadn't been right behind me watching) before we came to the last big hill. I normally snowplow about half of it and then let the skis go. It's not a hard right turn at the bottom, but the hills really steep so you're going really fast. Yesterday I didn't really have time to stop and think, and I had the two Baic's on my a** so I just let the skis go. Everything turned out just fine, and I nailed the turn. That was far and away the fastest I've gone on the skinnies to date. So that brings the class up to speed. What have you been up to? Over and out.

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