Monday, December 14, 2009

Ski Report

The skiing was good over the weekend. I got out for a little over an hour saturday afternoon for some classic skiing at Nub's. The changes they've made to the two upper loops are really good. Get out and see for yourself. Yesterday, JT and I met up with James for a couple of hours at the MVSC. The forecast wintry mix/drizzle never materialized over the weekend, so the snow levels in the woods remain good (especially for early December). If the cold temps. last throughout the week as predicted, we should have a nice base for skiing in the trees.

This week I'm going to start up the WNS (wednesday night skiing/snowshoeing). Every week from here on out (until the snow melts and we can start riding again) I'm committing my wednesday nights to skiing. I will be at the end of Valley Road past Chestnut by 6:30 every week. I encourage one and all to come out for at least one hour a week of exercise. This location offers up a wide variety of options, so the only real excuse for not showing up is laziness. You can classic ski or skate ski on the two upper loops of Nub's. You can snowshoe or backcountry ski on the NCT which just so happens to pass through the parking area. If you don't own any of the above mentioned equipment, I have a few pairs of snowshoes and poles you could borrow. I may even be able to rustle up some skis depending on your shoe size. So, WNS @ dead end of Valley Road 6:30. Plan on one hour of activity and 15-30 minutes of socializing/beers afterwards depending on weather. Over and out.

p.s. I found this picture this morning and just had to share it with the class.