Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I tried do dial it back on the stair climbing compared to my first run last fall. Instead of the eight laps of yesteryears first run, I opted for what I thought to be a sensible five laps. I failed to factor in a change to the equation though. Over the vacation I read an article on stair climbing as a cross training exercise for nordic ski racing. It was a short, but informative article touting all the usual benefits of running up stairs. They also suggested to do the stairs two at a time. Last year I did them one at a time for whatever reason (it probably goes back to dry land training for downhill skiing in high school). This year I did them two at a time. That hurts more. Yesterday I could barely walk. Today, I'm still pretty sore, but the idea of a nice mountain bike ride tonight actually sounds like a good idea. We'll see who shows up.

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