Monday, December 21, 2009

Ski Weekend

Had a great weekend on the skis. Saturday I skied for an hour and a half at Mary and Greg's place. They have a winter solstice party every year; and while I've been to the party a few times in the past, I've never taken part in the ski portion of the event. I will not let that happen again. Greg borrows a snowmobile and groomer from a friend, and then he sets a classic track all over their 100 plus acres. The trails are awesome. The terrain covers the gamut: hills, open fields, trees, and it's all centered around the Sugar Shack where you can stop to warm up and chat if you so desire (see below).

Hugh and I were having way too much fun skiing to stop. It took us the whole hour and a half to ski all the trails with a minimum amount of backtracking. Fun stuff, fun stuff. We saw Greg out on the trail near the end, and I said "Greg, you need a groomer." He said, "talk to Mary". I did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday, Sarah and I met up with JT at the Tower for turns in the woods. The snow conditions are good for this early in the season, but you still have to be a little careful about downed trees, stumps and the like. Another foot or so, and it will be ideal.

On the homefront, we got a new door. This singlepane (very poor insulating) door has been replaced with an energy efficient jobby that will earn us a nice tax credit from the man.

The new door is in, but I'm waiting to take some pictures until the trim is on. Trim or no trim, it's already a lot warmer in the house. WNS is up in the air still. Stay tuned.

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