Thursday, December 31, 2009

Years End

And years begin. My race season kicks off Jan. 2nd and 3rd (skate saturday, classic sunday). It's all part of the complex master plan for next season. Race more and HTFU. HTFU by the way, is my new mantra for the 2010 season. You should feel free to use it as well. It came to me via last months VeloNews. They did a little write up on Australian cycling (since that dude Cadel won the world championships and all). Included was a glossary of common Australian cycling terminology. Near the bottom of the list was HTFU. Translation: Harden The F**k Up. For some reason, those fours words really struck a chord with me. So, from now on when I start to feel like a pu**y, or I start to feel like maybe I should skip the days workout, I will say to myself "Harden The F**k Up". Beware, I may say this to other people as well. Don't be offended; it's just my form of friendly encouragement. Happy new year. See you on the other side (unless I see you tonight at the SBYC party). Over and out.

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