Thursday, April 01, 2010

WNR # 3

Attendance: Myself, Secret Steve, Rob, Seth, Sarah, Chris NGNB (new guy not benson), Matt, Doug, Sherri, Bobbi, Benson, Amber, Kevin, and Charlie. If I forgot anyone, sorry but that was quite a crowd last night.

Weather: Damn near perfect. Mid 60's and sunny.

Trail Conditions: For this early in the spring they are unbelievably dry. I heard a couple grumbles from behind that it was a little dusty breathing coming up the first big climb. I don't normally wish for rain, but it's time to start. So I hope it rains soon (at night).

So we had the biggest WNR crew in quite some time last night. I was a little shocked to see so many show up for a Kipp Rd. WNR this early in the season. Those first 2.5 miles with over 600 ft. of climbing are a real mother fu**er. The trick is to remind yourself that it'll be that much easier next time. It doesn't hurt to think about how much fun it'll be to rip down it at the end of the ride either. Anyway, good ride for me and from what I heard everybody else too. Next weeks WNR @ HQ. I'm pretty sure Sarah doled out food assignments last night, but if she didn't and you'd like to bring something give us a shout. Over and out.

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Sarah said...

As always Rob, thanks for the pretzels!