Saturday, April 10, 2010

Check In

Got two rides under my belt down in GA here. Short one yesterday after I got here: 1:45 with about 1500 ft. of climbing in 10 miles. Today, a bit longer: 2:30 with just over 2,800 ft. of climbing for 18 miles. The trails are sweet, the food is still awesome, and I'm almost fully relaxed (tomorrows ride should seal the deal on that score). Time for a shower, and then I'm heading into town to get some more ice for the cooler. Check out this video below, I stoled it from the DC. Have a good weekend.

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Sarge said...

Since your a DC reader... Have you been keeping up with the BGR saga that's been unfolding here in Flag? It seems to keep snowballing for that guy. Have developed a few opinions of my own regarding he and his actions/persona, but all of it sure has brought cycling in to some new lights here. If you haven't been able to piece together the full story, I will fill you in next time we talk (been a while for that too, let's touch base when you get back from GA).