Thursday, April 08, 2010

WNR # 4

Attendance: Riders-Myself, Benson, Matt, Rob, Kevin, and Charlie. Hikers-Sarah, Jess, and Amber.

Weather: Cool, but dry.

Trail Conditions: Very good, but the grassy sections are still a little rough this early in the year (esp. the cart path climb up to the 95 acres). That hill never gets any easier.

Good ride, good grub, good beer. I'd write some more, but I just finished up ten hours in the truck. I'm beat, and I need a shower. Sarge, sorry I didn't specify where I was heading yesterday. My mind was already on the road. At any rate, I'm heading here. Edo, I would love to come and visit you two and the little one on my way home if you you're going to be around. I should even have the energy for a couple of rides. I'll call you in the next day or two. I'll try and post up some pictures and trail info. once I get a couple of rides under my belt. I should be there shortly after noon tomorrow, and I'll be ready to ride for sure. Take care. Over and out.

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