Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 7

Today was the seventh day in a row of riding. My legs are officially toast, but I'm going to try and stick it out for two more. I've got a request in on the forum for a decent trail close to I-75 in norther Ohio, and then it's Poto with EdO on Saturday. Nine days in a row if I manage to pull it off. Today's ride was sweet. The fine bike folks of Chattanooga have built quite the trail around the TVA utility/hydroelectric complex. Awesome singletrack with great flow goes all the way around the complex, and you have on and off views of the city/mountains around every turn. Riding new trails is always fun, but this one was a real find. I'll be back for sure. So today put me over the 16 hour mark for the week. I'm spending the night in Knoxville, and I'm just getting ready to head out for dinner. Hope the WNR #5 went okay last night (I already heard about my better half bailing and thanks for giving her sh*t Benson). I'll be home sometime Sunday. Check out today's ride info. below if you're so inclined. Over and out.

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Sarah said...

It was the only day I could get a massage while you were gone! Ok, last time I use that excuse!