Saturday, April 17, 2010

The End

Last ride of the vacation was today. EdO and I rode at the Poto trail outside Ann Arbor, and it was a great way to close out the spring training trip. Temps. were a bit cooler than they were down in Georgia (42 degrees, windy, and cloudy), but the nice singletrack and good company more than made up for the long sleeves and knee warmers. I didn't manage to squeeze in a ride yesterday. Intermittent torrential downpours and horrendous winds forced me to skip the ride. Truth be told, even if the weather conditions weren't as bad as they were I probably wouldn't have gone out. Seven hours in the truck with sore, twitchy legs didn't leave me with too much in the way of motivation. Plus, the rest day allowed me to feel relatively good on the ride today. For those not in the know, the Poto trail really is a treat. It's all singletrack;, and while it's a little rough and ridden up in spots, the overall feel of the trail is most excellent. Anyway, eight out of nine days ain't bad. I haven't done the final tally yet, but I'm pretty sure todays ride put me pretty close to 20 hours in the saddle for the trip. I'm sore, but it's been great. I'm sure the high volume of riding will pay some dividends later in the season. For know, it's dinner out at the brewery with EdO, Yukari, and little Rena. Tomorrow home. It's funny, every time I take a good long trip it makes me appreciate home that much more. Thanks for reading.

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Check out this vid and pass along to fellow riders. This guy is the shizz.