Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The cold spell continues

The weather has been cold, but that didn't stop the Tuesday Night Ski group (we're still hovering at three by the way). Chris and I went out skiing for a bit, and Amber ventured out on her snowshoes. The temp. hovered right around the zero degree mark; but as I always like to point out, it's not that bad as long as you keep moving. I've changed up the format of the blog a little just for the heck of it, so let me know what you think. There are also a couple of new links to check out. I've just started up on the bike again after a little break to concentrate on the ski racing, but I'm hoping to get on the bike at least twice a week now to get ready for the season. As good as the workout is cross country skiing, it's not quite the same as spinning the pedals around. Be good, and don't forget to get out and exercise.

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Lianna said...

Hey, I finally bought my own pair of Nordic skis. Just some middle of the road waxless striders (I think the model name is "Fitness", which pretty much says it all), boots, etc. Now I'm planning a ski-into-a-cabin trip this weekend, and I can finally stop being jealous when I read the Team Terpening posts. Yay!