Friday, February 23, 2007

Year round biking in northern Michigan

I can now say that I'm a year round cyclist in nortern Michigan. I have ridden a bike (outdoors) in every month of the year. On my way home from work on wednesday the bright sunny skies and 40 degree temperature led to an impulsive decision. My plan had been to ride the trainer before yoga, but instead I ran around the house like a chicken with it's head caught off gathering the appropriate gear and bike for a ride in town. After half an hour of hustle I was ready to go. I parked at yoga and set out on the singlespeed for an hour and a half cruise in and around Harbor Springs. I was far from the only person out enjoying the unusually warm weather. Hugh was heading north from town on his bike when I was driving in. I also saw quite a few people out walking and running. When I rode down through Wequetonsing I saw four or five ice shanties and at least half a dozen ice boats. The nice weather was shortlived however. Yesterday the temps. were back down in the twenties with gale force winds. I only lasted an hour skiing at Chestnut, partly due to the weather and partly due to subpar grooming of the track. The wind has died down today, and Chris and I are planning on a little backcountry expedition to explore new terrain for a mountain bike trail to be constructed in the spring. Take care and be good.

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Anonymous said...

Attempted to ski Wildwood today. Grooming tracks were good, snow was icy fast but the trail litter ruled the day. Sticks, leaves,pine needles, pine cones, and beech nut shells embedded into my kick wax. The 4.6 miles took forever as the litter kept the pace to a mere crawl. One instance I was gaining speed then skied over a pine cone. Abrupt stop, and endo I go.. Reminded me of bike season. So, until more snow, Wildwood is out.
See ya dje