Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring is in the air

Although they're forecasting some snow for later in the week, there is most certainly a whiff of spring in the air. It's getting a little warmer, and the days are getting a little longer. Before too long we should be able to ride outdoors on a regular basis. That will be such a nice change of pace compared to doing intervals on the trainer in front of the tv. Back down to three on the Tuesday Night Ski, but the conditions were excellent. Matty N. has been out a couple of weeks in a row now and is showing quite a bit of promise for the upcoming bike season. He's looking fit, and you can definately tell he's feeling good. Look out for him on the trail this summer. I can't wait for the first official Wednesday Night Ride. Until then, keep your eyes on the prize. A goal without a plan is just a wish.


JoeFro said...

Yo, yeah I remember you's guys. I love riding up there. wish I could make it there more often. I think that I'm going to try the LumberJack out. It will most likely kick my butt.

Anonymous said...

Looks really cool!! 28F here :-( Hope to be riding outside soon. Gatta get ready for the Ore to Shore. Justin & I are seriously thinking about making it...Take Care!!! EdO & yukari