Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Ski Report

After taking most of the week off to nurse a sore ankle, I got back out on the skis both Saturday and Sunday. I think I'm at about 90% now on the ankle issue, and let me tell you it was an odd injury. It turns out that I cannot recall having ever injured an ankle before. I've hurt my ribs, back, knee, shoulder....but never the ankle. I'd say that the injury was almost as confusing as it was painfull. At any rate, Saturday I went up to Stuts and Kathryn's for a afternoon mardi gras ski party. Basically, it was a social tour in the woods with probablly 20 or so of us. We then headed back to the house for Hurricaine Punch and Jumbalaya. Sunday took us down south a little to Wildwood Trails over by Wolverine. It was my first trip down there this season, and the grooming was excellent. Hugh, Chris, Matt, and I got down to there around noon, and Doug met us in the parking lot. The skies were once again blue, and it was a balmy 17 degrees. I wish the forecast for the rest of the week was just as good, but there has been chatter in the air about some wintry mix heading our way with temps in the low thirties. It's okay though. I'm supposed to be starting my interval training on the bike now anyway. This afternoon: On Bike Strength Intervals 3min @ 50 rpm. Doesn't that sound like fun? Take care out there, and don't forget about the Tuesday Night Ski.

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