Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Bad Afternoon Gets Worse

Yesterday started off great. We've almost got everything moved into the back of the store in preparation for the new floor, and the forecast was for clearing skies after 11 a.m. and a high of 50. When I left the store at two there was a slight mist and the temp. was 37. Not what I had in mind for the scheduled ride. I got home and built a fire to warm up, and then I set about contemplating my options. Well, there were really only two. One, ride the trainer in front of the tv with ipod......boring. Two, get bundled up and hit the road.....cold. I decided to bundle up, figuring I'd be fine once I got warmed up. And I was fine once I got the blood pumping. So, about forty minutes into said two hour ride, pow.......flat in the rear. I was about halfway up Wasson's grade when it happened. Since there is no shoulder, and it's a curvy twisty road, I began the walk up to the top (rather than risk getting hit by a car changing the flat in the cold). For the record, I can walk appox. 3.8 mph uphill in stiffass bike shoes. Once at the top, I'm only 1.5 miles from home, and so once again I forgo changing the tire in the cold in favor of walking. Also, I figured someone would drive by and give me a ride. They are neighbors after all. I hate to walk. I especially hate to walk in road bike shoes. But it was that cold, and I was that close to home. I walked 1.7 miles without seeing a single car. The walking does give you time to think though. And what I thought about was firing up the sauna when I got home. That sounded like a good way to look at the glass half full and all that shit. Before I'd left the house, I decided to be a nice pet owner. Since the dogs had been outside all day, I let them stay inside on the couch by the fire while I was out riding. When I got home from the ride/walk and opened the door to let them out, I knew what had happened immediately (from the smell). As the saying goes: shit happens. Bodhi let it happen in a few choice locations throughout the living room. To make a long story short, no sauna for Pete. I got to clean up dog shit instead. Well, this afternoon really can't be any worse.

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Amber said...

sounds like you had April Fool's Day one day early!