Monday, May 07, 2007

Fort Custer Race Report

In an effort to get more racing miles in before the big Lumerjack 100 and Ore to Shore later this season I've moved up to the expert class for my cross country races this spring. All I can say after getting my ass handed to me yesterday morning is that they don't call it the expert class for nothing. It was a relatively flat but very technical 10 mile loop. Out of 27 starters in my group I was only able to beat 2 in the three lap race. I suppose that's better than finishing dead last, but it still kind of sucks. Those guys were just so fast; I'm still trying to figure it all out. The trail was 100% singletrack, and I averaged 12 mph. For me, that is a superfast (bordering on unsafe) speed to be cruising through the woods. Guys would pass me, and I'd try to stay with them but it was no use. I'm just going to have start working on my technical skills more I guess, but the only trail around that's even close is all the way down at Boyne Mountain. All right, I'm done whining for now. My legs actually feel pretty good today all things considered, and I didn't crash. I'll see you out on the trail. WNR this week @ Larks Lake North Country Trailhead.

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