Friday, May 25, 2007

Season Opener

This weekend is the official start of the summer season for most of us around here. The holiday weekend gives the summer people a chance to come up and get the cottages (3000 sq. ft. +) opened up for the season. The nicest thing about this weekend is that it means there are only three months until it's over. You just have to view it as a really long ride that you know will come to an end come Labor Day. You just put your head down and get on with the task at hand. I'll be done racing after the Lumberjack until the Ore to Shore, so hopefully most of the summer will be nice consistent training and working. Had another great turnout for the WNR this week. The group has varied quite a bit from week to week, but we've consistently had nine or ten riders which is great. We'll be riding this Sunday around four at boyne if anyone is interested. Otherwise, WNR next week will meet at the Bartley House for a big loop at boyne. Until then, a couple of quick snaps. One, the youngest member of the team practicing his mowing skills. Two, Matt finishing his first ever race last Saturday. I'd better get to work. Over and out.

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