Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Is In The Air

It might not seem possible with all the snow we still have on the ground combined with arctic temperatures, but spring really is on the way. Aside from the calendar (spring begins March 20th), two things have started to happen that reassure me we're on our way to warmer and greener pastures. One, I've had to start up with the seasonal allergy medication. I always try and put it off as long as possible because I really don't like to take any sort of prescription drugs; but when your throat starts to get sore and you start sneezing for no apparent reason, you really don't have a choice. You just have to start popping in a little Allegra with your multivitamin and glucosamine. The second sign of spring around the house has actually been happening rather slowly over the last couple of weeks. Ski equipment/gear that I'm relatively certain I won't need again this year has been making it's way up to the spare bedroom. Bike equipment/gear that has been lying dormant for the winter has been emerging from rubbermaid bins and closets. So dust off your two wheeled machine and get ready to ride.

I got out on the road twice last week; and even though it's been really fu**ing cold, it's nice to be riding outdoors again. I still may have to resort to the indoor riding once or twice a week; but if it's over 25 degrees and not raining, I'll probably be on the road. It's so much better than staring at the t.v. while you pedal. In other bike related news: Sarah is starting to put together the evite for this years Team Terpening 3 Day Race/Extravaganza. If your email address has changed, or if you'd like to get somebody on the list give me a call. The dates are May 16-18 so put it on your calendar and start training.

Kate's husband Adrejs gave Sarah his old smoker when he upgraded his grill a while back. Yesterday, she fired it up for the first time, and the results were excellent. I worked up a big appetite riding outside yesterday (sunny but only 23 degrees), and those ribs hit the spot. Have a good week. Over and out.


Sarge said...

Might not be a good idea to use the smoker on your wood deck.

Sarah said...

Because of G-dog or it might ruin the deck? Bodhi licked up the extra sauwce. sarah