Monday, March 10, 2008

Week in Review

Monday: 1.5 hours indoor cycling
Tuesday: 1.5 hours yoga/1 hour indoor cycling
Wednesday: 1.5 hours indoor cycling (intervals)
Thursday: 1.5 hours skate skiing
Friday: off (legs really sore from skating)
Saturday: 1 hour skate skiing (legs still really sore)
Sunday: 1.75 hours backcountry skiing/1 hour indoor cycling

I had a pretty good week training, and I was actually able to exercise some common sense for a change. I was talking to Hugh on thursday, and he informed me that there was a freestyle (skating) race at Boyne on sunday morning. The fact that I'm going to be racing my bicycle in a little over a month immediately fell off the radar. When I went out saturday afternoon, I was still seriously considering racing on sunday morning. That changed about halfway through the hilly loop at Nub's. My whole body, from my hands and arms right down through my legs and into my feet, was very sore. Not the end of the world sore, but certainly not the kind that's cured by hard racing. Common sense prevailed and I spent yesterday concentrating on recovery with some nice backcountry skiing and an easy spin on the rollers. The plan seems to have worked, and I'm feeling pretty good today. Hope everybody had a good weekend. Think spring.

p.s. I tried out Matt's helmet cam yesterday in the woods, and I think I got a fair amount of usable footage. Stay tuned for a new video montage recapping this winter's adventures.

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