Thursday, March 06, 2008

Traveling Without Moving

I've been on the indoor bicycles for three days in a row now; and while the legs are feeling good and all, it's just no fun putting in all that effort and not moving. Yesterday was my first hard interval workout on the bike this year, and in a really painful way it felt really good. Today, we woke up to a picture perfect winter morning (low 20's and 2-3 inches of fresh fluffy snow), and so today's workout will be on the skate skis. I'll be looking to get in an hour and forty-five minutes, but a lot of that will depend on when I get out of work since I'm scheduled to get my mangy mane trimmed at 3:30. In bike related news not related to my bikes: Sarah got a new set of wheels in the mail yesterday. Mavic 817 Tubeless Rims laced to some WTB hubs. Combined with the sweet Fox fork she got for xmas, her sweet Santa Cruz Superlight is going to be even sweeter this spring. I'm also planning on hooking her up with an old XTR rear der. and some XT trigger shifters. Off to play in the snow. Take care.

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