Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bailout Humor

So I know I shouldn't be joking about the whole American automobile industry debacle considering I live in Michigan and all, but the little tidbit above was just too funny to pass up. I just had to share with the class. Make sure to read the fine print at the bottom. In snow related news: I'm off to a great early start to the ski season. I got out for just over an hour today at Nub's Nob on the classic skis; and considering it was only my second time on the skinnies this season, I think things are looking pretty good. My technique is coming back a little faster than normal, and I was able to ski the hilliest loop without spending any time in the red zone. I'm enjoying the snow so much that I'm going to see how many days I can ski in a row starting today. Tomorrow, I think I'll head up to the tower for some backcountry action. I don't know where I'll be skiing the next day, but there are certainly no shortage of options. If there's snow where you are, I highly recommend that you get out and enjoy it. I do.

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