Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After getting my hair trimmed up this morning, I ambled down the street in Ptown for a session of yoga practice at The Northwoods Yoga Studio. What was on the menu for today's session? Backbends. How do backbends and I normally get along? Not all that well. Today we might have turned a corner in our relationship. It was still really hard for me raise my rather large frame up off the floor and into a U shape while lying on my back, but I felt like I was finally able to feel some of the positive things that are supposed to come out of the work. Mary, the guru, says that backbends are "a substitute for sunlight". They are supposed to enhance mental clarity, improve mood, and increase energy levels. They must have done something for me today because I summoned the energy for an hour of skate skiing on the freshly groomed trails out at Nub's Nob immediately following class and before heading into work. The groomer was just finishing up the golf course loops at Chestnut Valley when I got there, so I got fresh tracks on both the golf course loops and the superpipe loop. The skating was still really hard, but it was a little better than last time. I guess there must be something to this whole notion of practicing a skill to become better at it. Who knew? I'm planning on doing a long classic ski tomorrow before rewarding myself with some downhill, lift served action on thursday. Just to give you a heads up: I've added a new link off to the right. It's a blog entitled Drunk Cyclist. Despite all the possible negative connotations one might conjure up given the name of the site, it's really pretty great stuff. His postings run the gamut from anything bike related to current events with a strong slant to the left. He also posts links to news articles of riders being killed by cars from around the country. It's a bit depressing how often it happens (a couple of times a week on average), but at the same time it underscores what a problem this has really become. So if you're looking for another bike blog to check out (I know you are), give him a whirl. I find him to be quite entertaining and informative. Over and out.

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