Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Consumer Report

Back in the day, when I drove a pickup truck (F-150) and then an SUV (Trooper), I would include a full sized shovel in my winter emergency kit. My winter emergency kit also contains a tow strap, a couple of blankets, and some jumper cables. When I made the switch over to the wagon a couple of years ago, I needed a smaller shovel to haul around unobtrusively in the winter months. Enter the Life Link avalanche shovel. I chose this shovel for it's compactness and because I figured if it was good enough to dig people out of avalanches it was probably good enough to dig my dumb a** out of a snowbank.

So I bought the shovel three winters ago, and it has resided in it's handy three pieces in the wheel well above my spare tire ever since. At least it did until I got stuck on Middle Village Rd. last weekend. Boy was I glad to have this shovel on hand. The three pieces snapped together in a flash, and I was off and digging. I've got to tell you, for such a small and lightweight shovel the thing digs like a champ. The blade cut through the chunky, frozen snowbank like a hot knife through butter. So, if you're in the market for a small emergency shovel for your vehicle this winter, or if you're lucky enough to live somewhere where you may actually need an avalanche shovel, check this one out.

Anyway, that's it for this christmas eve. Hope you and yours have a very happy holiday. Take care and ski well.

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