Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Old Year

Old year goes first: The 2008 year of racing is now officially in the books. Not all my racing and training went as planned, but in the end I learned a lot and I continued to improve my skillz and fitness. I found that I derive a great amount of pleasure from abandoning my car for days on end and transporting myself only by bicycle (when weather and daylight allows). I still really enjoyed racing and the training associated with it. I'm lucky to have such a great group of friends to ride, ski, and train with. Although I'm sure they question my sanity at times, I'm also really lucky to have a family that supports me in my crazy, mixed up world of endurance racing. So, the old year was a good year.

New year: I'm still hammering out the schedule, but I've got a pretty rough idea. Jan. - mid March: Train for and compete in 7 ski races. 4 shorter events and 3 marathons. Mid-March through mid June: Train/Race in preparation for the Mohican 100 on May 30th and the Lumberjack 100 on June 20th. Mid-June to end of Sept.: Train for Ore to Shore on Aug. 15th and the Crank the Shield 3-Day Stage Race Sept. 18-20. Oct. - end of year: Train specifically for cross country ski season: upper body work, running stairs, roller skiing, etc. Stay tuned as it all unfolds in the new year.

p.s. If the todd that comments here every once in a blue moon is indeed the infamous Retodd, shoot me your snail mail address. I'll be glad to send you a copy of It's Too Late To Stop Now. It is a great album. Where you been anyway?


Sarge said...

What happened to the cyclocross series?

WPG said...

As much fun as cyclocross racing is, it's hard to get up the motivation for 7+ hours of roundtrip driving for a 45 minute race. If they ever get a series started up around Traverse City though I may be interested. It's still a nice bike to have in the arsenal come spring though. I don't like to take the fancy road bike out on the roads when they're still salty and icy. Happy new year.

todd said...

Yep it's retodd. I sent an email to your yahoo address. Is that still your handle or should I send it elsewhere? Thanks!