Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a merry christmas. We did. I got up early and opened some nice presents in front of the fire with Sarah and the dogs. After yet another hour of snow removal, we headed over to Chestnut to do some cross country skiing. I had a skate lesson on monday, and I wanted to get some practice in before I forgot all the things Nick had taught me. I felt better, and my timing's coming along; but I gotta tell you, skate skiing is hard, hard work. I took a quick ice bath when we got home, and my legs are feeling better than expected today. After my immersion in cold water, we headed into town for christmas with the rest of the family. Good presents and good food. This morning I got fresh tracks in 5 inches of new snow........on my way into work. Boo. Well, if it's not raining when I get out this afternoon, I may yet be able to get some skiing in today. If not, I've got some wood all ready to be fired up in the sauna. If you've got something that needs to be done this year, you better get moving. 2009 is right around the corner. Take care, and drive safely.

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