Friday, February 27, 2009


Who'd have thought that Iowa would be on the cutting edge of legislation supporting the rights of cyclists on the roads? But they are. Whenever I hear somebody say they're not going ride on the road anymore it makes me sad. I love to ride the sweet singletrack that we're lucky enough to have around here, but I also love cruising up shore drive on my road bike. They are two totally different and wonderful experiences, and it's a shame that a few dumb a** drivers have been able to scare so many people off of the roads. Not to mention the fact that it's nice to use a bike in place of a car every once in a while as well. So that's my two cents for the weekend. Have a good one and enjoy the snow while you still can.

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Kristina said...

Try living in a town that gas guzzling SUV drivers acctually write letters to the editor about how they would like to take out a cyclist. It's nice. Makes me glad that Tim sold his road bike.