Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I took this picture from the corner of my block on the way into work this morning. It was a pretty sunrise, and I thought I'd share it with you all.

Ski update: The snow conditions just north of town in Cross Village are not nearly as good as what we've got closer to home. I went to a SBYC ski outing up that way on saturday, and the subpar conditions (one to one point five inches of snow on top of a thin layer of ice and/or bare frozen ground) led to my nastiest crash of the season. To make a long story short, I attempted to ski down a hill that I shouldn't have. After attaining a scary fast speed in a matter of seconds, I proceeded to hit what I believe was a stump. I lost my balance and slammed myself face first into the frozen ground so hard that it knocked the wind out of me. My ribs and back are very, very sore. On the brighter side of skiing, I've not let the pain stop me from enjoying some of the best backcountry conditions we've had all year. I had great three hour sessions at the tower on sunday and monday. Yesterday I took the day off to let the ribs heal a little. I had a good sauna in the afternoon, and that seemed to take away some of the aches and pains. I'm going to try a little light classic skiing tonight after work, and we'll see how I feel after that. Over and out.

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