Wednesday, February 11, 2009


With the spring like temperatures we've been having the last few days, you may be fooled into thinking warmer days are just around the corner. The reality is that winter is far from over. The temps. are going to be heading back down below freezing tonight, and snow is expected off and on throughout the weekend. But that's a good thing because I'd like to get back to this skiing thing now that I've got my nifty little puffer. My breathing seems to be slowly, but surely improving. I'm working my way towards the 635 mark ml by ml. My current record is 580. I think I'll have to sample a new bottle of wine tonight, so look for a review tomorrow. Until then, some pictures from my weekend.

Sunday Matt and I hiked down to the beach and out and around on the ice.

Yesterday the 50 degree temperature let Hugh and I get out for a quick spin before getting to work on the new shop. That was my first time spinning any sort of pedal in over two months, and it felt pretty fu**ing good.

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