Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cross Conversion

The old LeMond that has served me faithfully for over ten years is almost ready for retirement. Once I got a new Quiring road bike a few years ago, the old LeMond was left to gather dust until I converted it to a commuter last summer. The other day while I was attempting to put it back together after a little tune-up and paint touch up it occurred to me that the bike is fu**ing old. It really doesn't owe me anything. Also, I've got this really nice Cannondale cyclocross bike that doesn't get used very much. It just happens to have mounts for racks in the front and rear. I swapped over the rear panniers and a new rear rack. The knobby tires also give me the freedom to ramble down dirt roads and trails if the mood should strike me. I've also recently ordered panniers and rack for the front end as well. You may be asking yourself, why would I need any more storage if I'm just riding to work or yoga. Well, I'm going on a little bicycle adventure at the end of Sept. My only plan so far is to load up the bike with my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, small cook stove/cook set, a few extra bike clothes, one set of leisure clothes/shoes, and a small amount of food (I'm planning to resupply on the road). Then I will ride and live out of my bike for seven days. My rough plan is to ride south to Frankfort or Manistee and then cross over to the "sunrise side of the state" near Tawas. Then I'm planning on heading north to the bridge before heading south for home. One big circle tour. Does anyone want to join me? Have a good weekend.

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