Thursday, August 13, 2009

WNR #18

As Peter was only able to make it for roll-call due to his recent illness, I'll have to give you the Wed. ride info. We were looking to shake things up a bit with a new start location to ride @ Boyne & all be able to ride the sweet 'North Ridge' downhill. We opted to park along a dirt service road near the start/finish of the 'Blue' trail at the Highlands just past the Boyne Country Club. Ride attendance was solid again, though heavily weighted for the boys & included myself, Rob, Doug, Kevin, S.Steve, Seth, Scott, Mitchell & Sarah with Katherine joining for a hike. The trails are in great shape & oh so sweet, even the logged section between the South & North Peaks is smoothing out (somewhat!) Doug had one of his most horrendous crashes just below the bridges but lived to ride on after catching his wind; Kevin was bouncing off a few trees and Mitchell tackled the downhill section in top form with most of us right on his pressure!

We are going to try Boyne Mt. next week while the summer daylight is still long & strong (some of us might even enjoy dinner at Red Mesa after the ride.) See you next week, South of the (Petoskey) border.

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