Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WNR #20 (on tuesday)

Attendance: Myself, Sarah, Benson, and Kevin (the new guy). I don't know if it was the day change or the weather that was responsible for the low rider turnout.

Weather: Pretty crappy. 65 and a light mist/rain.

Trail Conditions: Clear but slippery. The tremendous cloud cover meant very low light conditions by the end of the ride, adding to overall trail sketchiness.

In the end, I was happy to have gotten out for the ride. It's always a good time when you get to ride/run up Kipp. Rd. Trail on the singlespeed. It's even more fun if you do it twice. Trust me. I think we ended up with 12 miles in a little under 1.5 hours with about 1500 ft. of climbing. I even had my first crash in I don't know long. Right near the end of the ride I got a little off the trail, and before I could take corrective measures a small but sturdy tree just to the left of the trail halted my bikes forward progress. I continued forward, slamming both my legs and knees into the handlebars before landing about five feet in front of my bike. I was able to immediately remount my bike and finish out the ride, but the damage had been done. I started the self-medication process with a cold HumaLupa and headed home for dinner. At that point in the evening I was pretty sure it was just a good crash as opposed to a bad one. But how can a crash be "good" you ask? I look at it this way. If you spend a lot of time riding/racing different bicycles to and fro, you will eventually touch the floor (crash). In my book, a "good" crash is one where (A) your bike suffers no non-cosmetic damage, and (B) your body only suffers bruising and small to medium scrapes/cuts. Often you're unable to tell whether or not you had a good or bad crash until the following day when you roll out of bed. This morning I was able to chalk last night's crash up in the good column. I bruised the living sh*t out of my legs and knees in a couple of spots and have a few scrapes, but other than that I'm feeling just fine. I checked out the rig this morning, and bike appears fine as well. Going to the bull ride tonight, so I'll try and get some pictures. Next week's ride @ HQ. Oberon is on tap again. Over and out.

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