Thursday, August 20, 2009

WNR # 19

Attendance: Myself, Sarah, Benson, Rob, Steve, and Kevin.

Weather: Hot, humid, and sunny. Temps. in the low 80s.

Trail Conditions: Boyne Mountain has apparently been getting even less rain than we have this summer. That, coupled with the fact that those trails get ridden a ton more than our local ones, meant for a sandy and rooty affair. Also, it's been two years since I've ridden down there, and I'd forgotten how much climbing there is. The 34X18 gear I run on the singlespeed was just about maxed out. Fortunately the steroids seem to have worked their magic, and I was able to ride up most all but the steepest of hills (there it tended to be faster to get off and run anyway).

After the ride, our group reconvened at the Red Mesa Grill for some well earned dinner and drinks. It was a late night getting home and an early morning dragging myself out of bed to get to yoga, but it was super cool to ride some trails I hadn't ridden in some time and dinner at the Red Mesa is always a treat. Next week's WNR is going to shift to a T(tuesday)NR @ Kipp Rd. A few of us have a friend riding in a bull riding competition next wednesday, so that's the reason for the switch. TIme is still at 6:30. Be there or be square. Have a good weekend.

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